Summer Is Coming!

One can call ‘A BLOG‘  a very important medium to express his/her views or you can also call it a ‘new media’ where a common man can put his point across and let the world know about it. Why ‘summeri9e‘ ? WE call it as ‘SummerRise’, we want the Sun to rise to its full effect in INDIA. We can’t keep calling our country a developing nation anymore. The time is right to take a big step towards India being a developed nation and let this generation witness it. Well, you may look ‘summeri9e’ as ‘SummerRain’ or even ‘Summarize’. It’s up to you. Our generation doesn’t look at a particular thing in a single dimension, do they? The answer is no, and there’s nothing wrong with it.  But at the end of the day, answers should be available, decisions should be made, and that’s our purpose. Why is there a 9 in  ‘summeri9e’? We start this sail with 9 members and of course, to make the blog name a little attractive. It’s just not about 18 hands working together in tandem, we intend to add more and more hands as the time goes.

What are we determined to write? Well, we’re starting this blog to cover various categories, analyse them, get the facts right and give you a perspective which will make sense and is sharp. And, we have capable ladies and gentlemen to do it. What categories you might ask-  Be it the new Indian government – we’d bring you a detailed analysis of how the things pan out. Be it our economy- vital! How we see India can come out of poverty and is the inflation in control? International topics – we look to bring you articles on global issues. USA , China, UK, Middle East and how can we ever forget Pakistan? Will we ever settle the disputes with our neighboring country, how long can we continue this cat & dog fight? We don’t know the answers to these questions yet, we but will definitely have a say on it.

Sports! Who doesn’t love some views on this category? Football – there’s a global phenomenon going on in the name of ‘World Cup’. Tennis – 128th Wimbledon just started. Cricket – a religion and that fact won’t change in this country, this particular sport runs in our blood. We’ll bring you some exciting pieces here. Sport is an undying passion in any human’s life. Who doesn’t like spicing up your daily meal of entertainment with movies? I assure that there’ll be a few pieces of work from this field. Everyone loves to have a long holiday once in while. Stories of  travel are always enjoyable to read and there’s no harm in learning something fascinating about a new place. Technology is moving fast. We’ll let you know of our take on gadgets and releases. Academics – Is the system in a good shape? Are higher studies really worth your time and money? Education is vital to this country’s future. How has that education missed on teaching certain people basic human moral and etiquette?  Relationships and life – no one can be an expert on that- but hey, who doesn’t like a blog or two on it? People surely have evolved drastically since the previous generation and its terrific. We concentrate on bringing various blogs on categories that may have your mind reflect on a few things. I’ll be honest with you, intentionally or unintentionally we might cook up a few controversies but anyways, who doesn’t love that?

No offence here, I feel that we think we Indians are proud and patriotic but there’s always a scope for improvement. We should one day rise to a level when an international citizen asks you  – “Why is India the greatest country in the world?” and we should relish in answering that question. Won’t you feel really good? That’s something called ‘PRIDE‘.  We should dream big and we should work hard to achieve it. Let us have debates but let us make sense in what we are thinking about this world and especially this country.

We have formed a team who are determined, enthusiastic and ready to bring you some delightful blogs. If you like it, appreciate us. If we make mistakes, please correct us. If you think that a piece of writing meant something to you, share it with the people you know – SPREAD THE WORD. If you disagree with something, have your comments and feedback ready, we are always open to a discussion. Whatever the thoughts are , share it and be a part of this change. Be on board with us. Take the journey with us and enjoy reading our blogs. ENCOURAGE US. As the title of the blog says – ” Summer Is Coming” and ‘summeri9e‘ is geared up for it. Love.

Nithin Lokesh


29 thoughts on “Summer Is Coming!

  1. Hea u go tuwrds d world f success … nd i relly appreciate u fo such a grt attempt … god bless u nd ua wishes wid shower f opportunities yet .. grt world f wordngs ua wid …

  2. Hai Nithin, Good start and good going…Now a days especially youth is feeling that it is not prestigious if we not follow “Modernization”, I think that modernity has made us forget our cultural heritage to a greater extent. To modernize is to adopt a modern lifestyle without forgetting our values.I would appreciate it if you would write on this too…

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