Judge a book by its cover

I woke up this morning to a very uncanny piece of news on my phone’s lock screen. I usually don’t set up alerts or notifications on my phone because frankly, the apps don’t know what I want. I do want some headlines, scores and other important stuff displayed to me in a nutshell, but apparently the smartphones aren’t smart enough (or I may not be smart enough for my smart phone) to work according to my preferences. The headline displayed “Handsome thug’s mug shot goes viral”. That was a very ambiguous headline! I opened it up, only to set my phone back to charge, and ponder the implications of the news article.

For those of you who aren’t all that familiar with this “thug”, his name is Jeremy Meeks. He was arrested in the Stockton, USA for illegal possession of guns and gang-related charges. The Stockton Police Department put his the mug shot of the felon on their Facebook page, which I frankly cannot understand why, and his pictured garnered more than 50,000 likes, 14,700 comments, and 5,400 shares by Friday morning. The reason, you ask? He’s handsome. Yes, the same felon whom a Stockton policeman called “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area”, has gained so much attention over his high cheek bones, chiseled face and striking blue eyes.

“What’s wrong in a criminal getting a few thousand Facebook likes?” might be the first question on your mind. Let me give you the answer. People of Stockton (and other places) are now fundraising for his bail. Comments on his Facebook page range from “He’s too hot!!” to “He’s too fine to be a criminal. I got $10 on his bail”. His bail release is set to $900,000 apparently and now, his mother has set up a fundraising website, hoping to collect about $25,000. That website collected more than $600 in the first 14 hours.

What has the world come to? People, and sorry to point this out- mostly girls, want criminal who has been to the jail multiple times out of prison because he’s hot as hell. Would any other man gain so much attention or fund raise such large amounts of money if he were average? I don’t think so, and by the looks of it, neither does anyone else. The phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” needs no introduction. We see the cover and it’s handsome and people somehow seem to forget all the crimes committed by this fellow. I am lost for words right now, I would love to hear you take on this. It’s a weird way to get a day started. Try not to lose your mind over him.

– One of the 9

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