Twisted Me

I always wondered about how people would live their lives if they had no face. Face has become an identity for everyone. Consider the following scenario: You are walking along a dark alley in the middle of the night, and you see a person heading towards you. What’s the first thing you see? A face. You see a face and you try to analyze what you saw. A scarred face with a stitch on his eyebrow would scare you. A friendly face with lopsided glasses? You wouldn’t be all that worried now. We tend to see and link a story with every face, a story that might be as true as a three year old convincing his parents he’s Batman.

In my previous blog- I could not press on how much value a face carries around in this world. What if we had no face- quite simply put- no identity? How would you see a person walk by you then? Let’s leave the judging part aside. I, as a human, have been through different phases of life. Phases that possibly every other human goes through. There are norms, rules, agenda, morals and what not to bind you and keep your conscience breathing inside your caged mind. You are told by your parents “You’re a good child” or “You’re really good at math” and that is firmly etched in your mind. You want to prove the whole world how good you are and how quickly you can subtract 2 from 99 (Yes, yes, it’s 97, good job, you’re a great child, keep it up!). You’re happy with the compliments you receive and we live our lives the way our childhood/ teenage has been molded.

Imagine this: I give you a mask. A mask, with which you are virtually invisible. No one can ever track what you say, what you do, where you go. Sounds great? What would you do? If your answer is “I would steal a lot of candy”, then I have bad news for you (insert insulting imbecile joke here). You might actually spend a whole day thinking about all the things that you could do. All the crazy things you always wanted to do, but you couldn’t. The weight of the world is off your shoulders now! You might feel guilty about imagining your twisted fantasies come to life. But for how long? There are no norms, no authorities to bind you. Will your conscience hold through? Slowly your guilt will melt, and you realize what you actually are from the inside. That’s the true face that you sometimes feared to see in the mirror. There’s a little twisted little ‘me’ in all of us, how long would you need to realize it? Let’s consider the first situation again. Someone is walking through a dark alley in the middle of the night. They look at your face- there is no face. What do you do?

– One of the 9


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