Round of 16 Day by Day – Day 3

It seems like the excitement in the World Cup will not end. How many more last minute equalizers/ winning goals are we going to witness? Mexico looked a team possessed in Fortaleza, scoring one against the extremely prolific Dutch, somehow managing the heat of Brazil and keeping Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben in check. The Tactics looked spot on, while the Dutch really struggled to find any sort of rhythm to their game. One superb corner, a perfect half-volley by the unsung hero Sneijder, and a debatable penalty awarded to Netherlands in the closing minutes broke millions of Mexican hearts. Netherlands advance to the quarterfinals! The Costa Rica vs Greece game went pretty much as any football fan would have expected. Greece found it hard to break down the Costa Rican defence just like 3 former world champions did in the group stages. Costa Rica were on their way to the quarterfinals only to concede in the 90th minute. Extra time could not separate the two, Costa Rica did a great job of scoring all their penalty kicks and they meet the mighty Dutch in the quarterfinals.

Today’s games involve the French (ranked 17th) against a lowly ranked Nigeria (44th), while the Germans(2nd) take on Algeria (22nd). Two European powerhouses vs two African teams who played their hearts out to reach this stage. I’m going to go ahead and make some predictions here. With all respect to the two African teams, they might find it really hard to keep their defence organised against players like Karim Benzema, Paul Pogba, and Mathieu Valbuena of France and Thomas Müller, Mesut Özil, and Mario Götze of Germany. We can expect the European teams to come flying out from the start while the African teams may defend with 11 players or as it is called- “park the bus”. However, one perfect counter attack is all they need to find spaces and score a goal. Here are my predictions, I might go wrong with the predictions as the smaller teams at this stage of the World Cup have nothing to lose, while the Cup favorites have the pressure of winning on their shoulders.

– One of the 9

France 3-0 Nigeria. Man of the Match: Karim Benzema.

Germany 2-0 Algeria. Man of the Match: Mesut Özil.

Get your snacks ready, brace yourselves and gear up for the action!


One thought on “Round of 16 Day by Day – Day 3

  1. Neither of the European teams have defeated the African teams that they are facing in this round respectively! May be the African teams will use that as a motivation. It will be an exciting contest! Sadly Pogba is suspended 😦

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