Stick to Hindi Mr. PM

As I got up late this morning the first thing I did was look at my phone, coz that’s what we all do these days. I was very excited seeing Netherlands are through to the quarters after a close match yesterday. The FIFA world cup is turning out to be a great success this time around. The other thing that caught my attention was the PSLV C-23 launch slated to take place in the presence of our PM. Ten minutes to take off: Score!

I turn on the TV and see the ever majestic PSLV standing 44m tall on the DD National (The only other day I switch to this channel is on the 26th of Jan to watch the Republic day parade). The PSLV has been one of India’s greatest success stories over the years. It has helped us discover the presence of water on the moon and hopefully in the next few months, reach mars. The achievements of the PSLV even with its limited budgets are incredible. The cost efficiency of ISRO is making other countries choose PSLV as their launch vehicles over NASA and ESA.

Having said that, it isn’t just the cost efficiency that makes me proud of ISRO. They are pioneers in GPS & remote sensing technology. This was proved when the category 5 hurricane Phailin made landfall on India. The west was going crazy seeing the huge cyclone develop. They thought that the Indian scientists were underestimating the impact of the cyclone. In the end we got away with a single casuality as the cyclone weakened soon after it made landfall, as predicted by India.

Coming back to today’s successful launch, it was truly a global endorsement of India’s space prowess. It is one of those ‘Acche dins’ promised by NDA over all those bitter pills we’ve received till now. In the PM’s victory speech I couldn’t help but notice how robotic he was when speaking in English. He was so comfortable when pointing out in Hindi the fact that the Mars orbiter mission was cheaper than the Hollywood movie Gravity. But as he switched back to English he sounded like one of those school kids delivering the vote of thanks.

Initially, I wasn’t a huge fan of Narendra Modi. But after listening to his numerous election campaign speeches my opposition died down, partly because of his idea of India and his oratory skills. That is what inspired the nation to vote for him. I acknowledge the fact that there is a huge debate against use of Hindi as the official language but when you are really good at something there is no reason to change things. So here’s to sticking to good things and many more ‘acche dins’.




4 thoughts on “Stick to Hindi Mr. PM

  1. A short and good post on our great engineering,
    @ne0 …agree that his speech was the one which lured people to vote for him.
    If hindi gives him the confidence to speak, then he should continue with it.
    Media’s anyway translate it to almost all local languages 😛

  2. Is fluence in a language important than the message given? I am a Modi supporter but his idea of making Hindi compulsory was something which I never supported. Actually the content s wot matters. If ppl can relate to it, thats more than enof. Mother tongue s something u ll b more comfortable to talk in. But that doesn’t mean we hav to stick to the language ua comfortable in. If ppl cannot understand the language ua fluent in but can understand the language which u can communicate wots wrong in tat? I heard the speech and dint find any problem wid tat. It was really inspirational though.

      • Yea clearly your title sounded like a taunt to our PM. Its great to hear him in Hindi but that doesn’t mean he should stick to Hindi always. 🙂 🙂 Especially in South, people are good in English rather than Hindi.

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