Manipal…A journey of a lifetime!!

Shifting to a new place always brings out mixed emotions in us. Everything is new, be it the environment, the lingo or the people who will be around us. Adjusting to a new place depends up on how well you are able to adapt to the changes in life. Every person, at some point or the other has to make this tough decision of moving out of their comfort zone for achieving something.

Who doesn’t know Manipal? Mind it… It’s not located in Sikkim as many seem to have the notion… 😛 It is the one situated down south, near the temple town of Udupi. This is famously known as the University town and the students here are “Manipalites”. Of late, this place has been in news for all the right reasons. When I had to make a choice of coming here almost two years back, I was a bit skeptical about it. But, now when the time has come to leave it I just can’t get over the feeling of parting from this place.

Manipal, as people think is neither the place only for drugs and partying, nor it is the place for rich, spoilt brats. It is just all about making the right decisions at the right time. If not for studies, I wouldn’t have ever come to this lovely place and would have missed upon so many wonderful things in life. Studies and parties apart, this place has much more to offer- beaches, shopping, and who can forget the FOOD!! For foodies like me, it is heaven here and I will miss it for sure. :\

Other than the food one more thing which I’m going to miss dearly is the Malpe Beach. If you are happy, then go to the beach with friends to celebrate the happiness, or if you are sad then go to the beach alone to forget your sadness. The vastness of the sea doubles your joy or reduces your worries.


If you are a person who loves the rainy season, then this is the place you have to be in. The rains are unpredictable and you will surely enjoy it. You will crib about it but then will definitely miss it later. These things are few of the many which I’m going to miss about MANIPAL!


Manipal is synonymous with many pals and as this name suggests it is actually true. You will encounter many people who will initially be nothing, but in the end they become a part of your life. The fun I had in these two years is incomparable to anything else and has become cherished memories now. Mere words cannot describe the whole experience. You have to experience it to believe it. 😉

Fun things apart, my only advice is that make sure you grab every possible opportunity that life throws at you because you never know what will happen if you drop it. I’m glad I made this decision and it turned out to be superb.

As I get ready to say goodbye I can think of the saying which goes like this-

You can take a person out of Manipal, but can never take Manipal out of a person…

It is indeed very true and I whole heartedly accept it.

Goodbye Manipala! Only until next time… 🙂 The journey continues…. 😀



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