We Already Have A Good Name

Hindustan is an Hindu nation claimed RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwath!

But should our country be really called Hindustan or India? Does Hindustan really mean land of Hindus? Well no. Any historian if you ask will disagree with that I believe.

Hindustan was the name given to the land beyond the river Indus, which in Sanskrit was called Sindhu. The modern persian language termed it as Hindu. And the people collectively were called Hindus. The term Hindu was just used to represent the people geographically rather than religiously. Infact the word was accommodated two centuries ago. The word Hindu does not find a mention in the vedas. The word that does find a mention is Sindhu.

So if the RSS really wants to call all our people Hindus and have a unique identity for the nation. Then, the term they are choosing is wrong. Since, they want to dissociate the country from any foreign association from history, they cannot even call Sindhustan. They will have to call it Sindhu rajy(the kingdom mentioned in Mahabharath)!

From a few centuries, we are not a country of a single religion. Many religions grew in our country like Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism,etc. Though Hinduism is a predominant religion. In the last two centuries even Christians started settling in. We have Parsis as well. Nepal was the only Hindu state in the world, but it is no longer one now(For reasons well known).

With such a diversity should we really call our country Hindustan or Sindhu Rajy!? We already have a good name India. But we should not forget the name mentioned in our National Anthem, BHARAT!

We do not have to take the name of religion to invoke a sense of pride among our country people! Our history gives us many other reasons to be proud of our country!

– Gunner


One thought on “We Already Have A Good Name

  1. I humbly differ in your statement that Middle eastern religions came few centuries ago to India.
    The fact is Christianity is nearly 2000 years old in India and Islam came few centuries after Christianity. Those times there was no country called India/Bharat. There were Kingdoms and few of the most prosperous were in present day Kerala. Jews and Arabs came to these Kingdoms for trade of black gold (black pepper) as it was know as in those days and other valuable spices, and to settle. There was a very large Jewish diaspora in Kerala before the creation of Israel more than half century ago. ST. Thomas the disciple of Christ brought the message to the Jews and Arabs of Kerala but also converted many locals. These locals of Kerala were not Hindus as Brahmins hadn’t come to South until 3-6 century.
    After few centuries when Islam was founded in Arabia it came to Kerala along with muslims arabs who were trading with Kingdoms of present day India including Kerala.

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