Magnificent Mary Kom


 There is a movie releasing in the name of ‘Mary Kom’ tomorrow and it is fitting to dedicate a blog on India’s greatest woman boxer and perhaps India’s greatest sportswoman. Prior to London Olympics, how many of us knew who a Mary Kom was and how many of us knew that we have a five time world champion in some sport ? I must sadly confess that i didn’t know and was also angry with the Indian media of not letting people know this staggering fact. Thankfully people now know who a Mary Kom is these days and a movie cements her incredible legacy and I’m all in for such movies.

                                                         This lady has an incredible story that is worth telling and here i want to give a glimpse of what she has achieved. She was that unrelenting and aggressive young girl who was inspired to become a boxer at the age of 17 and I can tell you that it is not an usual thing for a common Indian girl but she had the guts to dream that near impossible dream and she started showing results very soon.

                                                                            Mary Kom’s first big achievement came in the year 2001 when she first won a silver in World Amateur Boxing Championship which was held in USA and then improved that performance to win her first World Championship ( gold ) the next year in turkey at the age of just 19. World championships were her arena, she dominated them and in fact went on to win the next four World Championships in 2005,2006,2008 and 2010. Mary Kom is the only woman boxer in the World to have won a medal in each one of the six World championships. She also has 3 Asian Championships to her list of triumphs but nothing would have been more sweeter than winning a medal for India in Olympics at 2012, London. We wish that it was a gold but bronze is a no mean achievement after all the struggles she had to go through in line to achieve it. She was already 29 by 2012, she was a mother of two children and she was forced to gain weight two years ago after the world body decided to allow women’s boxing in only three weight categories—the lowest one being 51 kg ( She previously used to compete in 46 and 48 KG categories ).

                                     In middle of this extraordinary story lied a sweet little love affair with her husband K Onler Kom. They first met in 2001 when Kom was at New Delhi on her way to National Games in Punjab while Onler was studying at Delhi University. They married in 2005 after 4 years of dating and her husband has been a pillar of support throughout her boxing career which is commendable. Mary Kom also has 3 cute children. Her new adventure will be in Incheon in a few days after her 3rd child where she’ll compete in Asian Games and we wish that she’ll win a gold there and who knows ? she might win a gold in Rio Olympics too. Its a ‘never say never’ with Mary Kom and she is an inspiration to billions of Indian girls. She truly is ‘Magnificent Mary’ and Mary Kom has that strength to cross any hurdle. WE LOVE YOU MARY.

– Nithin Lokesh


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