Playing it his way! ;)

               So, the autobiography of one of India’s or should I rather say the world’s highly celebrated sportsperson was released recently. It can be said that it might be one of the most awaited moments in the lives of Indian cricket fans where the sport is a religion and this person is considered its “GOD”. No hints are required to guess who this person is. He is none other than the MASTER BLASTER Mr. SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR. Many of you would have already read the book, or may be planning to read shortly. Here’s just a brief appraisal of what you might find in it.

                The book starts with the introduction to his early life and how his brother, who sacrificed his own career for SRT, introduced him to this lovely game. In his own words he was a very naughty kid and also demanding sometimes. Few incidents are really funny and are sure to bring a smile on your face. He has well described each of his memorable innings and partnerships. His best partnership till date has been with none other than his beautiful wife Mrs. Anjali Tendulkar :). Giving all the fans an insight into his personal life only now in spite of being in the limelight for over 25 years shows how well he has safeguarded his family from the prying eyes of media and fans.

                His bonding with his Guru Ramakant Achrekar, how each member of his family sacrificed their needs for him, what role his father played in making him what he is today has mixed emotions. Memories of his school days, cricket matches and his friends give us info of some unknown facts. One shocking revelation is the one involving the captaincy issue brought up by Greg Chappell just before the 2007 World Cup. This incident increases our curiosity to know more and to be honest, I too opted to read this book for the same reason. The explanation of the different injuries he has sustained during his entire career shows that despite of all those things he was eager to perform well and play for the country.

                It is also true that being a fan we do not realize the kind of pressure we put on the players to do well every single time they go on to the field to play. Sachin describes what exactly he was going through when we fans waited for his 100th century with bated breath. This coming from one of the greatest sportsperson drives me to think why do we really do this? After all they are also human beings and do not deserve this kind of reaction from us. Maybe from now onwards we will think twice before blaming them for a bad game or a bad series.

                The book ends with the full length oration that was given on the day of his retirement from all forms of international cricket. At the beginning of the book I was smiling and laughing at the jokes and chats in the dressing room, but this one speech made me cry just like when I was watching it live almost a year ago. Come 16th November and it would be an exact year when the “God of Cricket” bid adieu to millions of his fans from the international stage at his home ground in Mumbai.

                These are my thoughts after reading the book. If you have already read it then kindly share your views, and if you are planning to read it then I wish that you enjoy it thoroughly. All in all his entire life story inspires us to keep going in life to reach our goal, to be able to fulfill our dreams in spite of many hurdles that we might face from time to time. After all that’s how champions are made!!




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