Theatricality Of Life

Everyone’s first view on life is always unknown, strange and curious but always has some kind of a hope. When a mother gives birth to her child, child would be wondering about the person lying beside but sleeps peacefully hoping that she might look after him/her well. Mother might look tired but something else can be noticed on her face. It’s pure joy. I remembered my first hope. It was my first day in school, I was seated inside the class and my mother was having a word with the teacher. I looked in to her eyes hoping that she might probably say that she wants to take me back to home. That was my obvious first hope that I remember in my life. Hope is just a predication on things. Hope is one’s distinct factor. Hope
must distinguish a person. But now, hope has got unified in to a wealthy life. Unified hope has become living in comfort and has cost us peace.

Some say that life is defined on how we are supposed to live. It’s a pity fact that life has a definition. Common sense would be that life has many definitions, definitions from everybody that is living in his/her own point of view. There is no one who could define life in general. Life is about how we want it to be and how we want to present and share ourselves to this universe. One’s life might not be meaningful for others but the fact here is that the others doesn’t have one’s point of view. This is the main reason why the comments and opinions have given birth to. Comments must be vociferous against perilous acts but should not discourage common acts. Comments and opinions have brought life a line and its called poverty line. Life has become one has and other doesn’t.

Personality describes one’s life. Many might have heard this one. Personality was also a person’s distinct factor. Personality was pure as one’s point of view. Personality was taken in to the consideration of improvement and brought a concept of education. Education helped a personality to be a cynosure. Real personality was made to be hidden and a general concept of personality was made to be shown. So, education became a mask, one could wear it to shine. Education made personality unified and also it introduced another line and it is called educated and uneducated. Actually, uneducated should not be the word chosen, real face of personality should be the one.

Sharing is a beautiful word. Word itself has got happiness. Things must be shared to feel happy or to have a definition on our life. Sharing leads to have trust in our lives. A beautiful example for sharing is a joint family where one shares their food, emotions and most probably life itself! Nowadays we probably don’t find many joint families. One of the major reason for this cause is MONEY. Money was probably introduced by kings, most probably called as coins, to represent their rule in the country. Later it became universal. Now money is the king. Whoever has it are rulers! We can notice that money has made sharing meaning to be called as Socialism. Money gave new definitions for sharing such as donations which got more highlighted and also made people to be greedy and desperate. A personality became good or bad based on his hold on money and his donations. If one has got money and one has made more donations, then one’s personality is so good!

People are fighting against caste system saying that they are distinguished but they could not realize that money is the distinguishing factor. Person who has money need not bother about his caste, money took over the the value of life. Hope in the matter of peace, personality in the matter of being distinct, greedy in the matter of breathe, sharing in the matter of happiness and trust in the matter of emotions defines the value of life. But our present living is the theatricality where we are being compromised without our notice.

– Anonymous ( Guest column )


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