#408 Forever


It has been an emotional week for the cricketing world. It is not that often to see a test cricketer lose his life on the cricket field and it would inflict some fear in every cricketer’s and in a fan’s mind when they play or watch d game in coming few days but we hope we find that strength to overcome that fear factor.

Phillip Hughes was a good young batsman who had abundance of talent but unfortunately a cricket ball , a mere cricket ball took his life. Who would have thought of that ? No one and nobody would want to lose his life while playing d sport one loves. It’s a freak accident which devastated us all and needless to say that it is extremely unfortunate. Thoughts go out to his family and if u get a chance, watch Cricket Australia’s video tribute with one of Phil’s recent interview as its background. It’s very moving and love for his cattle and dedication towards cricket in general might wet your eyes. One has to feel for Sean Abbot too, he has to live this for the rest of his life for a ‘zero mistake’ and no bowler bowls a bouncer to put a batsman in danger but i read he has been matured about all these and is doing strong. That’s a great news for everybody.


One should watch the Australian captain Michael Clarke’s eulogy to Phil in his funeral. His words have high meaning and makes you think. He quotes ” Phillip’s spirit, which is now part of our game forever, will act as a custodian of the sport we all love. We must listen to it. We must cherish it. We must learn from it. We must dig in and get through to tea. And we must play on. ” That is motivating and Clarke emerges as a leader and not just as a captain. India has been a respectful tour opposition and I’m sure that they’ll continue to do so in the test series. It’s still a high octane test series and will be humongous tour for India which includes a World Cup defense.

I thought that this will be the right time to write this blog just before the Adelaide test tomorrow. The test will be the most sentimental test with a huge emotional backdrop on it but Phil would be the first one to hope that it will be played competitively and with no fear in anyone’s mind. Well, the Australian team has announced that Phil Hughes will be the 13th man in tomorrow’s test and rightly so. #408 will live on forever.

– Nithin Lokesh


2 thoughts on “#408 Forever

  1. As u have mentioned its really a sad and shocking news for all the cricket community around the world… We lost an emerging player who had such a huge potential… #RIPPhil

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