They ought not to have thought

bout’ me being the one,

to hold gravity’s grip

portent of a coming twist.

It’s not about haste but chaste,

for which I chose to live fighting fate.

I was abused, I was raped;

my eyes silently cried.

Those demons took a free ride

while I was dying on a road side.

I kept breathing with all my might,

hoping to witness their pleading sight

when found guilty for their soulless act

and sentenced to the Satan’s wrath.

Alas!!! I was wrong.

Justice chose not to hear my song.

You are nothing but a road kill”

Mocked the voice inside my head.

– By



3 thoughts on “A ROAD KILL

  1. Chitra, We sit together in class everyday and I never really thought you could write so so well. It feels so good to read what you write.
    Great going 🙂

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