A Fruitful Visit !


I guess everyone had some sort of idea when Narendra Modi broke the protocol to receive Barack Obama when he landed in India that this visit is going to be special. For record books, Obama becomes the first United States president to visit India twice during the tenure of his office and first president to be the guest of honor on Republic Day. This visit was hyped right since Modi last visited US in September and it sure didn’t disappoint.

The president of United States then took the guard of honor and it was sensationally delivered by Wing Commander Pooja Thakur , the first woman to have been given that opportunity in history and she did it with pride. She looked assured , gladly media and the people of India noticed it with appreciation. The two leaders straight away got on to the business side of things and there were several important things that got due attention. The highlight of the meet was i believe to find a solution for Indo-US nuclear logjam. The other noticeable things during three days of the meet were :

1) US announces $4 billion of new initiatives on missions of trade

2) Cutting red-tape, holding bureaucracy accountable

3) Focus on Renewable energy

4) Asia-Pacific policy gets a new thrust

5) Joint production on 4 defence projects

6) Social security pact

These were the business and political side of things but there were so much more to this. The chemistry between both the leaders were evident. CNN went on to call that “Obama and Modi are pals now” and few agencies have called it a ‘bromance’. ‘Chai pe charcha’ was a headline, that image was in full size on every news paper and that stroll in the park was much discussed too. The obama couple clearly looked short of sleep on a few occasions but that didn’t hamper their energy in being cordial and friendly at all events. In spite of the rain , Republic Day parade looked glorious as usual and I assume the Obamas had a good view of it. Weather shouldn’t have been a problem, Delhi looked like it was a 20 % Chicago honestly. Obama didn’t dance this time around but quoted the arguably most famous line of ‘DDLJ’ i.e. ” Senorita, bade bade deshon mein.. you know i mean” and instantly it became a social media hit, everyone talked about it. Shows his sense of humor. ‘Mann Ki Baat’ to finish of a grand visit was a master stroke, both Modi and Obama poured their hearts out and the general public could connect to it. They spoke about great men like Swami Vivekananda and Benjamin Franklin, so clearly it went well.

I’ll say the following lines , Yes ! i dare will. You can have your own views but this obama’s visit was the best visit from a foreign man to the land of India in modern era. It was overwhelming to read about it, watch it and listen to it. Just the demeanor between both the leaders were magnificent, just what it meant to be and it didn’t look fake. Modi calling the president of united states with his first name ‘Barack’ was one of the few evidences to it i suppose.

– Nithin Lokesh


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