Theory of Concentric Circles

Theory of Concentric Circles ! well ! don’t worry, i’m not going to give any math lesson. Here is a theory of life i was contemplating upon while having an usual bike ride on my way to the place where i work. Let me try to decipher it for you in brief, hopefully i’m not going to make it complicated.

Life the way i see it is a set of concentric circles. You know concentric circles right? set of circles in a loop, yeah ! i know you know 😀 . I believe that you keep creating these new little circles or an occasional big one ( If you’re lucky, lot of big ones ! ) right from the time you are thrown to this world to play. Sometimes you go back to a circle you already created or you lived in or you very well know – either you wish to or you are forced to. Sometimes you create a new circle altogether – again, you wish to or you are forced to. Sometimes you go to a circle even without realizing – you kind of like it and you may not know why you like it or you hate it and you simply don’t know how to get out of it. Sometimes you jump from one circle to another frequently – you might want to be versatile or you might want to make everyone happy or you just like to play around.

I can assure you that i’m not trying to be judgemental here, i’m just trying see a new line of theory. In whichever circle that you exist, you just keep revolving – fight hard and fair. End of the day, what matters is whether you are happy in that circle or not? Or a bigger picture is whether you are happy in life or not? Life is a circle they say ! Life is set of concentric circles i say !! ( modified version may be 😛 )


– Nithin Lokesh


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