” What Will People Say ? “

India is one of the fastest growing economies, We have a prime minister who is full of energy to see the nation develop, We are excited too see majority of the country to be bitten by technology. Great, I’m in for all that but have we overcome a age old drawback in our minds that keep saying ” What will people say ? “, ” Log kya kahenge ? ” or in my native language kannada ” jana en maathadthare ? ” ! Exclamation mark is what comes to my mind after that one simple question. If we overcome that one simple mental barrier as individuals and as a nation on a whole, we’d work wonders globally.

Acceptance is conditional these days, right ? Yet, We go in search of that acceptance from people elsewhere & forget the main thing in the process of that, that is to accept ourselves unconditionally. Okay, Let me take a simple example. There’s a piece of stone in front of me, What do I do with it ? A) If I put it on the left, People will talk. B) If I Put it on the right, People will talk. C) If I throw the stone, People will talk. D) If I choose not to do anything with it, People will talk even then. So, What we don’t often realize is that people will have an opinion ( be it positive or negative ) no matter what we decide to do. It is a very natural thing, very little that we can do anything about it, We can’t blame the ‘ people ‘ either. We just have to understand that simple fact. Seems simple but I’m sure it is very difficult to realize, I can say it on the evidences of my own personal experiences.

We as a country like cricket, right ? Is that even a question ? Okay, let me come to the point, I’ll take an example from this field to go through the point in a broader way. A) Dhoni leads his team to the World Cup triumph. Section of people : Okay, But he is no Ganguly, Sourav was much more passionate as a captain, he’ll remain the best Indian captain. B) Tendulkar scores 100 international centuries, breaks most of the records in history. Section of people : Well okay, But he is no Dravid, Sachin always played selfish cricket. C) Dravid scores more than 10k runs in both forms of the game, greatest no.3 that India ever produced. Section of people : Oh !! But he is no Tendulkar, Rahul always played boring cricket. D) Ganguly revived Indian cricket from it’s darkest era, Was instrumental in India playing overseas well. Section of people : Is it ? But he is no Dhoni, He never won us a World Cup, Dhoni will be known as the best Indian captain.

What I infer from that above para is that no matter if you are a Dhoni, Tendulkar, Dravid or a Ganguly – People will always have an opinion. It’s up to individuals to create a strong inner base in which ” What will people say ? ” shouldn’t actually matter. That also doesn’t mean that you will go all rude & be not sensitive about anything that people will say, Appreciate it, Respect their opinions but when it comes to ‘ Decision Making ‘ – It’s going to be all ‘ You ‘. Be it individually or as a gang or as a team or as an organization. After that decision, Whatever the result is going to be – Be it a success or a failure, You will accept it – It is way better to handle that than to be thinking ” What ‘Did’ People Say ? ” šŸ˜‰

Nithin Lokesh


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