Game Changer


My friends say that I like heck of a lot of movies & I seldom criticize. Yes, true. I try to find something good in a movie because I imagine how difficult film making can be but I struck a liking for Kapoor & Sons more than the usual. My reason for that is it’s been a long long time since Hindi cinema produced an engaging family drama like this one. For a decade now that Bollywood has been struggling to tell good stories, screenplay especially in most of the movies has been shambolic & there have hardly been movies on families. I can sense the fear in filmmakers. If the screenplay goes wrong in a family drama, they’ll be scrutinized to bits and the new generation audience can find it too cheesy. They are reluctant to make movies on certain genres & one of those is ‘Family Drama’. Well, we live in India & how can there not be good movies about family drama. Right? Family drama is about 80 % of our lives 😛

Kapoor & Sons shows the way that if you get the screenplay & the directing part right, there can still be good movies based on dis functional Indian families. No family is perfect & they are so many stories to tell if you want to. Coming to the movie itself, it has its ebbs & flows, has potential to hold the audience tightly on to their seats, the pace is set moderate & probably the right way to go about it in a movie like this, there’s a scene in the beginning where the family is having an argument with a plumber repairing a line which is leaking, the irony of it & the scene sets the tone for the entire movie, the movie can be termed as beautifully chaotic in which the pretty people can act too. The younger lead of Fawad Khan, Alia Bhatt & Siddharth Malhotra show they can make a movie where people will talk about their performances & not about their glamour. Siddharth Malhotra produces a deceptively good performance & has his moments, there’s a vulnerability to his role that a lot of people in their 20s can relate to. Easily the best of his short career. 23 year old pocket rocket named Alia Bhatt can act on so many levels trust me, her acting skills are so raw & so matured for her age, people joke a lot about her general knowledge skills but she is an A+ when it comes to delivering a performance, there can be little joking about that fact. She has limited screen space in the movie yet she stays with the audience larger than you realize. The performance that impressed me the most was of Fawad Khan’s. He’s excellent, gets into the skin of the role & nails it, faultless, it’s a clap worthy performance. The man of the match in general is Rishi Kapoor, he’s hilarious in most of the scenes & can make u cry in certain other scenes. You expect Rajat Kapoor & Ratna Pathak to be good, they deliver that & how, the best part of the movie lies in those conversations between Fawad Khan & Ratna Pathak. Intense & gripping. Direction in these kind of movies is vital, one has to concentrate on bringing the quality of actors out & Shakun Batra does it on a range that is appreciable.

Kapoor & Sons is hard hitting, brutal & so real. ‘Real’is the word, not often that we use the word in describing a movie these days. I’m not saying Kapoor & Sons is a great movie, it has it’s negatives but I’m not going to dwell on that as the focus of the blog is not about that. But it sure is a very good movie and much needed one for Bollywood. It can show a new path for Hindi movies where a screenplay should take the center stage, it is the writing that surprises you frankly isn’t it, I didn’t expect it to be good in the first case honestly. We have thrown a lot of flak at Bollywood over the years but let us give credit where there is due. It surprised me & I guess it will with a fair share of audience. In the end, I just want to say that it’s not a movie review & it’s about why this particular movie should be a game changer.

– Nithin Lokesh


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