Murder of the Innocent by the Blindsided

It’s been a while since I have been here, 13 months to be exact but I can’t hide behind my urge to write and this time, it’s more than that. I have been compelled to write and I’m not going to lie that I was shattered to see those 25 bodies draped with the national flags. What happened in Sukma is mind numbing and I can’t get my head around it. It’s plain injustice to those CRPF Jawans, their families and humanity in general.

                                             I am old enough to elucidate this by following several naxal attacks in the past too that there has never been a constructive solution to this epidemic. I will go a step ahead and say that naxals have been a bigger problem to India’s democracy and safety more than the terrorists. I know it’s a big statement to make but that has been the case, Governments have been proficient enough to tackle the terrorism much more efficiently than they have been with the case of naxals.

                                 I want to dive into a larger picture here and go to the root of the problem and my message to the rebels is – WHY? WHAT FOR?

                                   CRPF jawans are your real target? What have they done? You are killing yourselves and you are killing the very basic objective of why you are fighting the system in the first place. Reasons? you are going to hurt the families and you are going to leave those small children in extreme pain and distress at such young age. You are accountable for that, no one else. Yes, you might have faced such torturous phases in the past but by putting more such families into the same train won’t solve anything. 2 negatives can be multiplied into a positive only in Mathematics.

                              It’s reported that there were a lot of women out of those 300 naxals who attacked those jawans. I have a question, if we are going to divide and talk in your language. Firstly, whom do you belong to? To the category of women right? Then comes Jawans, naxals etc etc. Whom did you target by killing those innocents? Government? you must be living in a world that we don’t know of. You killed the families and that curse is going to live with you forever, solution isn’t found like that, ask chemistry. You broke the spirit of those women who were waiting for their husbands in the hope of regaining that same spirit? Did it serve its purpose? I don’t think so.

                           This news has followed my shadow since it happened and as a common citizen, I’m not happy with either the system or the tribe of rebels. It has hurt me to the core and I’m sure it has hurt anyone who would want to see progressive developments and not something which would take us back to the bronze age. As i said, there has never been a tactful solution, constructive process to convince the naxals that it’s not the way and more importantly, I feel sorry for the naxals, I feel deeply sorry for them because violence is never going to solve anything, history has proven that and any conscious person would try to get out of it and if you find anyone going through such thoughts, show them the right path. Helping a lost soul is as big a help as giving blood or donating eyes. Otherwise, there’s going to be very little difference between terrorism and you know what.

– Nithin Lokesh


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