The Never Ending Circus


Sundays are meant to be relaxing & free your mind from a flux of thoughts. But instead, I hesitantly decide to go through the news & I notice that the news agencies are making a big deal of the 12th CBSE results. I’m confounded by this whole circus & I find it hard to believe no one gives it thought that it actually is a wrong process. I thought India will be more matured as the time goes by & understands that we need most of the 1.3 billion and not just the few elite ones.

India is not a small country & there are reports that we might have surpassed China as the most populated nation in the world. It’s a no brainer that we need most of the youngsters to develop India into a successful infrastructure with improvements in various fields. For that to happen, we surely can’t be segregating people & creating doubts in their abilities at such a young age. The 10th & 12th results are actually not about celebrating the elite few, it’s more about telling the 90% of the rest – You are not good enough loser. That’s blasphemous & not a sign of a good system.

It’s great that we see the scenes of a few well scored celebrating with grace & clamor (taking nothing away from them) but I can say you with a guarantee that the rest of them, the majority of them will be filled with doubts, tension & rise of the stress that’s going to stay with them for the rest of their lives. A few of them might end their lives. There in lies the failure, no system can justify that. It’s that kind of a age. Everything that begins is going to rise like a tsunami & the impact will be for the lifetime. Instead we needs to be building a new wall (not the trump one) that stands in their minds for the rest of their lives – ‘CONFIDENCE’. Confidence of succeeding in all the fields in what they are good at & I’m not sure that a 10th & a 12th marks sheet depicts the whole story, at least not in the present system. The whole circus makes no sense to me I’m afraid.

I’ll tell you the reason why. The whole world criticizes China but I don’t think they care, they are effective & successful because they involve most of them. Of course, We can’t be a China, we are far far better than them and we still would want to be more democratic. We are far better than the rest of the world. If you don’t believe, watch Scripps National Spelling Bee in states. Tells you an untold story every year.

Hence the fact that we are better than the rest of the world irritates me more that we don’t show it in facts. If you ask me the root of the problem? My answer has always been that – The never ending circus of 10th & 12th results. We are dividing people right there right then. We are dividing the nation right there right then​ telling a few – ” You are awesome”, & telling the rest – “You are no good, go find a place to hide idiot”. Where’s the sense prevailing?

If India has to be developed nation, for me it is evident that we need to involve most of them & this system hardly provides that platform. An atmosphere where we create equality in all the fields, respect & pay in all the fields will give that confidence in youngsters that all have the potential to be something substantial in any field that they desire. Be it a doctor or be it a chef, then there’ll hardly be any desire for people to be moving to a United States or a Germany. Because India will be better than them. You know why? A United States or a Germany excel in all the fields, not just few selected ones that Indian minds have inscribed to. A 10th or 12th result won’t let you do that, it divides you telling that you are good in general or you are not good enough in general. That’s dangerous for a society or for an individual. Don’t Make a mark sheet a big deal India, they are still under 20, you can still get a lot out of them, don’t push them into a corner & make it a ‘survival of the fittest war, it doesn’t work. Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas is the right way to go for India. Realize it before it’s too late.

– Nithin Lokesh


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