They ought not to have thought

bout’ me being the one,

to hold gravity’s grip

portent of a coming twist.

It’s not about haste but chaste,

for which I chose to live fighting fate.

I was abused, I was raped;

my eyes silently cried.

Those demons took a free ride

while I was dying on a road side.

I kept breathing with all my might,

hoping to witness their pleading sight

when found guilty for their soulless act

and sentenced to the Satan’s wrath.

Alas!!! I was wrong.

Justice chose not to hear my song.

You are nothing but a road kill”

Mocked the voice inside my head.

– By



Ode to MSD :)

It was the year 2005, the hot month of March, the place was the Visaka Cricket Stadium (now Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium,Hyderabad) and the match was between the visiting Pakistan team and the India ‘A’ team. As is the protocol for any match, the spectators had to enter the stadium at least an hour before. As the Indian players came out to practice before the actual match started, we started searching for known faces, but other than Ambati Rayudu none was recognisable 😕 There was this one guy with long hair, a sleeveless jersey and a red cap, jumping around on the ground. This was none other than MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI…Never in my dreams I thought that I’m seeing a future Indian captain who would take India to the top in test match cricket. The Indians batted first and set a target of 190 for the visitors. MSD also batted at the end of the innings and once played his famous helicopter shot(not named at that time). It was amazing to watch a player play such a shot. The match was won easily by the Pakistanis. MSD didn’t get into the Indian team then,but he was already seen by the selectors and was to get his first chance pretty soon. 9 years down the lane and 90 test matches later he announced his retirement yesterday.It was a shocker actually, but then his main forte being the shorter version of the game the decision which he has taken is in the best interests of the game and his career. He is touted to be the most successful Indian captain ever beating the likes of Kapil Dev,Dada and others. He is “Captain Cool”,he has the Midas’ touch and is considered one of the great finishers of the game. Under his captaincy India has won 27 tests and that is more than anyone else according to statistics. The foundation was laid by Dada,Dravid and Kumble and Dhoni capitalized on that to bring India to the number one position.

Many might feel that Dhoni didn’t take a wise decision of quitting when on a tour and when one more match is yet to be played, but as a senior member of the team and as a captain, his decision must be respected. Now all his focus should be on the world cup 2015 and try to bring it home again. The greats of the game have expressed their views on the retirement and it is feels good to read the wishes and comments from them for a Indian player who came from a small town and achieved so much over the years. As Rahul Dravid said in an interview, Dhoni’s story truly has been an inspiring one for young lads coming from small towns who have dream of achieving something big in their lives.

Thank you MSD for bringing many glories to India in tests and hope that you continue doing the same in one-dayers and T20s.

HAPPY NEW YEAR friends.Have a wonderful year ahead!!Cheers….🎉🍹😃
-Team Summeri9e!

#408 Forever


It has been an emotional week for the cricketing world. It is not that often to see a test cricketer lose his life on the cricket field and it would inflict some fear in every cricketer’s and in a fan’s mind when they play or watch d game in coming few days but we hope we find that strength to overcome that fear factor.

Phillip Hughes was a good young batsman who had abundance of talent but unfortunately a cricket ball , a mere cricket ball took his life. Who would have thought of that ? No one and nobody would want to lose his life while playing d sport one loves. It’s a freak accident which devastated us all and needless to say that it is extremely unfortunate. Thoughts go out to his family and if u get a chance, watch Cricket Australia’s video tribute with one of Phil’s recent interview as its background. It’s very moving and love for his cattle and dedication towards cricket in general might wet your eyes. One has to feel for Sean Abbot too, he has to live this for the rest of his life for a ‘zero mistake’ and no bowler bowls a bouncer to put a batsman in danger but i read he has been matured about all these and is doing strong. That’s a great news for everybody.


One should watch the Australian captain Michael Clarke’s eulogy to Phil in his funeral. His words have high meaning and makes you think. He quotes ” Phillip’s spirit, which is now part of our game forever, will act as a custodian of the sport we all love. We must listen to it. We must cherish it. We must learn from it. We must dig in and get through to tea. And we must play on. ” That is motivating and Clarke emerges as a leader and not just as a captain. India has been a respectful tour opposition and I’m sure that they’ll continue to do so in the test series. It’s still a high octane test series and will be humongous tour for India which includes a World Cup defense.

I thought that this will be the right time to write this blog just before the Adelaide test tomorrow. The test will be the most sentimental test with a huge emotional backdrop on it but Phil would be the first one to hope that it will be played competitively and with no fear in anyone’s mind. Well, the Australian team has announced that Phil Hughes will be the 13th man in tomorrow’s test and rightly so. #408 will live on forever.

– Nithin Lokesh

Theatricality Of Life

Everyone’s first view on life is always unknown, strange and curious but always has some kind of a hope. When a mother gives birth to her child, child would be wondering about the person lying beside but sleeps peacefully hoping that she might look after him/her well. Mother might look tired but something else can be noticed on her face. It’s pure joy. I remembered my first hope. It was my first day in school, I was seated inside the class and my mother was having a word with the teacher. I looked in to her eyes hoping that she might probably say that she wants to take me back to home. That was my obvious first hope that I remember in my life. Hope is just a predication on things. Hope is one’s distinct factor. Hope
must distinguish a person. But now, hope has got unified in to a wealthy life. Unified hope has become living in comfort and has cost us peace.

Some say that life is defined on how we are supposed to live. It’s a pity fact that life has a definition. Common sense would be that life has many definitions, definitions from everybody that is living in his/her own point of view. There is no one who could define life in general. Life is about how we want it to be and how we want to present and share ourselves to this universe. One’s life might not be meaningful for others but the fact here is that the others doesn’t have one’s point of view. This is the main reason why the comments and opinions have given birth to. Comments must be vociferous against perilous acts but should not discourage common acts. Comments and opinions have brought life a line and its called poverty line. Life has become one has and other doesn’t.

Personality describes one’s life. Many might have heard this one. Personality was also a person’s distinct factor. Personality was pure as one’s point of view. Personality was taken in to the consideration of improvement and brought a concept of education. Education helped a personality to be a cynosure. Real personality was made to be hidden and a general concept of personality was made to be shown. So, education became a mask, one could wear it to shine. Education made personality unified and also it introduced another line and it is called educated and uneducated. Actually, uneducated should not be the word chosen, real face of personality should be the one.

Sharing is a beautiful word. Word itself has got happiness. Things must be shared to feel happy or to have a definition on our life. Sharing leads to have trust in our lives. A beautiful example for sharing is a joint family where one shares their food, emotions and most probably life itself! Nowadays we probably don’t find many joint families. One of the major reason for this cause is MONEY. Money was probably introduced by kings, most probably called as coins, to represent their rule in the country. Later it became universal. Now money is the king. Whoever has it are rulers! We can notice that money has made sharing meaning to be called as Socialism. Money gave new definitions for sharing such as donations which got more highlighted and also made people to be greedy and desperate. A personality became good or bad based on his hold on money and his donations. If one has got money and one has made more donations, then one’s personality is so good!

People are fighting against caste system saying that they are distinguished but they could not realize that money is the distinguishing factor. Person who has money need not bother about his caste, money took over the the value of life. Hope in the matter of peace, personality in the matter of being distinct, greedy in the matter of breathe, sharing in the matter of happiness and trust in the matter of emotions defines the value of life. But our present living is the theatricality where we are being compromised without our notice.

– Anonymous ( Guest column )

Playing it his way! ;)

               So, the autobiography of one of India’s or should I rather say the world’s highly celebrated sportsperson was released recently. It can be said that it might be one of the most awaited moments in the lives of Indian cricket fans where the sport is a religion and this person is considered its “GOD”. No hints are required to guess who this person is. He is none other than the MASTER BLASTER Mr. SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR. Many of you would have already read the book, or may be planning to read shortly. Here’s just a brief appraisal of what you might find in it.

                The book starts with the introduction to his early life and how his brother, who sacrificed his own career for SRT, introduced him to this lovely game. In his own words he was a very naughty kid and also demanding sometimes. Few incidents are really funny and are sure to bring a smile on your face. He has well described each of his memorable innings and partnerships. His best partnership till date has been with none other than his beautiful wife Mrs. Anjali Tendulkar :). Giving all the fans an insight into his personal life only now in spite of being in the limelight for over 25 years shows how well he has safeguarded his family from the prying eyes of media and fans.

                His bonding with his Guru Ramakant Achrekar, how each member of his family sacrificed their needs for him, what role his father played in making him what he is today has mixed emotions. Memories of his school days, cricket matches and his friends give us info of some unknown facts. One shocking revelation is the one involving the captaincy issue brought up by Greg Chappell just before the 2007 World Cup. This incident increases our curiosity to know more and to be honest, I too opted to read this book for the same reason. The explanation of the different injuries he has sustained during his entire career shows that despite of all those things he was eager to perform well and play for the country.

                It is also true that being a fan we do not realize the kind of pressure we put on the players to do well every single time they go on to the field to play. Sachin describes what exactly he was going through when we fans waited for his 100th century with bated breath. This coming from one of the greatest sportsperson drives me to think why do we really do this? After all they are also human beings and do not deserve this kind of reaction from us. Maybe from now onwards we will think twice before blaming them for a bad game or a bad series.

                The book ends with the full length oration that was given on the day of his retirement from all forms of international cricket. At the beginning of the book I was smiling and laughing at the jokes and chats in the dressing room, but this one speech made me cry just like when I was watching it live almost a year ago. Come 16th November and it would be an exact year when the “God of Cricket” bid adieu to millions of his fans from the international stage at his home ground in Mumbai.

                These are my thoughts after reading the book. If you have already read it then kindly share your views, and if you are planning to read it then I wish that you enjoy it thoroughly. All in all his entire life story inspires us to keep going in life to reach our goal, to be able to fulfill our dreams in spite of many hurdles that we might face from time to time. After all that’s how champions are made!!




Every once in a while there are movies which justifies the overpriced sodas sold in multiplexes. Interstellar is truly one such movie. This space based sci-fi adventure movie starts of on a blight (dirt storm) infested earth where food is scarce and schools are encouraging kids to take up agriculture rather than forcing them to learn Bernoulli’s equation. Isn’t that the heaven we all want to live in, except for the blights. Cooper played by Matthew McConaughey is a widowed astronaut who has taken up farming as people believe that investing in science is a waste. Soon enough (more like an hour) he learns that he has to pilot a NASA spacecraft through a wormhole in search of habitable planets in order to save human race. The scene where he tries to convince his daughter that he will come back is heart wrenching.
interstellar-posterWhat follows is a visual marvel of space travel and scientific ideas about black holes, theory of relativity and what not. We get a rough picture of what time as a dimension in space means. One scene where Cooper docks onto a space station rotating at rpm is extraordinary to say the least. We also get to see a quintessential cameo by Matt Damon. The movie is well paced and Nolan tags us along with his well narrated complicated scientific ideas. Music by Hans Zimmer is splendid but the background score feels out of sync in some scenes. The sarcastic humor from the robot TARS is the icing on the cake. A solar powered drone is a pleasantly surprising Indian connection to the movie.
Even though it is mentioned as a sci-fi adventure movie, quotes like “Love is the one thing that transcends time and space.” gives you a feeling that it’s a lot more than that. I never felt bored while watching the first day first show of the movie even after a grueling 12 hour night shift. It is like a well prepared Biryani with all the right ingredients at the right amount. If I was the person fixing Oscars each year I’d ask the Interstellar team to start preparing their speeches.



It was an eventful day for India at the 17th Asian Games being held in Incheon,Korea today.Two gold medals,two different departments,two different teams,same goal,but only one nation–INDIAAAAA INDIA!!! Hockey and Relay Gold helped India climb to 9th position at the Asian Games 2014..😃😃😃

Indian hockey team had to face their arch-rivals Pakistan in the finals.These two teams were meeting in the finals after a long gap of 32 years. Also India struck gold after 16 years.The last time they won was in the 1998 games held in Bangkok.The last time these two teams played, Pakistan had thrashed India 7-1.This thought must have definitely crossed the men in blue’s minds,but they did not let history repeat.At the end of the stipulated time both the teams were tied at 1-1.The winner had to be decided by penalty shootout.Indians had the last laugh,they scored 4 goals against Pakistan’s 2….The end result is what makes us all proud-Gold at the Asian Games and and and, a DIRECT ENTRY into the next Olympics to be held at Rio.That’s a double bonanza for Indian hockey team today😃😄

Just sometime after this historic win, Indians got another reason to celebrate Gold in Women’s relay.This team had won the gold at the last Asian Games too and they repeated the feat this time too.Incredible ladies!!👌

Two days are left for the Games to get over.Hopefully by that time, India will climb another one or two positions in the table.India is assured of two more gold or silver medals in the team events,as both men’s and women’s kabbadi teams have reached the finals.So all the sports fans,keep calm and support India!!😜👍


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